I found Steve when I was desperate to learn how to manipulate light for food photography.

I’m so glad I took his 3 hour class, I learnt everything I know about light from Steve. I’m so proud to say I call him my mentor. He is patient, knowledgeable and a great teacher.

I have since become so much better at my photography, I’ve even got few paid projects as well!

I went on to win the best food photo at Photoion photography school. This would never have been possible if not for Steve.

I highly recommend Steve to anyone who wants to learn photography skills and take them to the next level.
— Nisha Weerasekera, Owner "Healthy Sutra"
I’d highly recommend the one-to-one tuition that Steve offers.

The three hours gives you time to talk through the technical aspects and discuss some key ideas around composition before putting what you’ve learnt into practice and really making sure you’ve understood.

Steve is a good judge of when you’ve understood and when you’re not so sure - and is more than happy to recap any ideas or re-do any exercises. He’s approachable; he encourages you to ask questions; he clearly takes real enjoyment from teaching. Most importantly, his enthusiasm is contagious. You’ll be desperate to test out what you’ve learnt when you come away.

Suddenly I’m able to do so much more with this amazing piece of technology I’ve owned for so many years.

Cheers Steve!
— Tom Ryan, Personal Tuition Client
Before I first met Steve I was quite intimidated with the photography world and where to start, I had just bought my first professional camera, had watched a lot of online tutorials but was still feeling overwhelmed.

Within 3 hours during our first 1-2-1 lesson, I learned more than I had in the previous 6 months online and immediately felt far more confident, with a sense of direction. Steve’s way of teaching is relatable to the real world, easy to follow and a lot of fun!

I have since been back for the night photography class which is absolutely superb and so much fun, and this week I met up with Steve for a street photography walk-around in Borough Market which was fantastic and so informative. It was great for expanding my creativity and thinking around shot composition, as well as pushing me out of my comfort zone which increased my confidence exponentially.

I highly recommend Steve’s classes for all levels of experience, because no matter what level you are at, I guarantee you will leave Steve a better and more confident photographer.
— Paul Clay-Carpenter, Personal Tuition client
I recently took an introduction to photography class with Steve Franck, I learned so much that day and feel that my photography has improved from what Steve patiently explained to us. I thought the class was great and that Steve is a very good natured effective communicator with an infectious enthusiasm for photography
— Jeremy Cowan, Photography Workshop client
I contacted Steve Franck for a lesson in flash photography, an area in which I felt I was in need of more knowledge. From the first prompt communication right through to meeting up and having the lesson I was impressed and assured by his professionalism. The tuition was clear and un-hurried, he was extremely generous with his time and really put me at ease. Although I have experience as a photographer he didn’t confuse me with jargon or assume that I should know things that I didn’t. I came away with more confidence and definitely a lot of information. I would thoroughly recommend him as a one-on-one instructor.
— Francesca Sullivan, Personal Tuition (Flash) Client
I worked with Steve on a location food shoot for the launch of a new high profile international restaurant. As I was busy liaising with the investors throughout the shoot, Steve was left to co-ordinate with the chef, and in the absence of a food stylist made the right decisions in interpreting the brief. The result were a set of high quality images which we are all very pleased with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Steve
— Alexandre Santamaria, Brand Director Ling Ling Global at Hakkasan Group
I had a great night photography workshop session. Learnt a lot, had real fun with the light effects that Steve had brought, particularly the fiery whisk, which created spectacular photographs. Steve made it so much fun, I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is interested in perfecting their skill levels in night photography. FAB.
— Andrew Halas, Night Workshop Client
I’ve really enjoyed and highly appreciated Steve’s one to one course of basic photography, especially getting clear understanding of editing photographs using Capture One software. All the lessons have been arranged by Steve in a very compact and easy to understand way and he was really patient with me. Now I know where to call and whom to ask for assistance if I decide to explore the new fields of photography.
— Galina Mytnik-Gonta, Capture One Tuition Client
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Steve on several occasions during photography shoots. Steve is an exceptional photographer with great passion and enthusiasm for his work. His attention to detail, composition and lighting is amazing. Hope to work again with you in the future!
— Mital Daya, Senior Art Director at The Foundry Communications
I had a spectacular day and I learned so much. One of the Best photo courses I’ve taken.
— Jim Embrescia, Personal Tuition Client
It is the 3rd photography workshop I have been on and was by far the best. Steve managed to make things so clear and I am thrilled to finally be able to use my camera properly. I’m looking forward to taking some fancy photos soon.
— Cordelia Lean, Personal Tuition Client
I thoroughly enjoyed Steve’s course and I appreciated his relaxed style of training. He managed to compress a lot of technical information about the main features of professional cameras into a short amount of time, without making me feel overwhelmed. The session was well paced, with opportunities to stop and explore the main camera features. The segment on framing and composition was particularly interesting, with many useful tips and inspiring examples from Steve’s work. The course has certainly whetted my appetite for photography and I’m now looking forward to buying a new camera and practicing.
— Anca Toader, Journalism Training Editor BBC Media Action
Steve is passionate about photography. This coupled with his enthusiasm and patience with young people makes him the perfect workshop tutor and mentor. His workshops are relevant, interesting and well thought out. Our youth groups find his sessions insightful, rewarding and enjoyable experiences. I would not hesitate in recommending him to others.
— Natalie Wade, Founder Small Green Shoots
Steve can adapt and thrive in less than ideal situations so his well travelled skills enabled success within such a tight schedule where thinking on his feet was key. His bold, friendly nature helped everyone around him to perform at their best and consequently, the shoot exceeded expectations.
— Chris Brett Jones, Creative Director, Digital Advisory, EMEIA at EY
Steve taught our Basic Photography, Get to know your DSLR and Urban Photography courses, he was always highly regarded by his students, who often commented on how much they had learnt from attending his short courses.
— Michael Wayne Plant, Lead Photography Lecturer Idea Store Learning