Have you ever wanted to photograph London from a different perspective? Do you want to create beautiful night time images that will stand out from the crowd? Night Photography Workshops will provide you with the skills to develop your understanding of low light and night time photography, and you will come away with some great shots and motivation. Use the form below to book a place or you can call +44 (0)7796 884 373 or email steve@stevefranck.com


Night Photography Workshop London

Learn how to get the best results and create beautiful images in low light conditions and at night. A Night Photography Workshop will provide you with an understanding of how to optimise your camera settings for the best exposures and how to understand white balance and dynamic range. Light painting and a few special effects are also covered whenever possible. You can see some examples of the pictures taken on a Night Photography Workshop here.

Night Photography Topics Covered:

On a Night Photography Workshop you will learn:

  • How to get accurate exposures

  • Which camera settings to use

  • Long exposures to create light trails

  • How to shoot reflections

  • Creative Composition


Night Photography Workshop Details

These workshops are aimed at intermediate level photographers. This means that you will already have some understanding of your camera controls i.e. ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed. I will guide you through all the appropriate settings but it is not suitable for absolute beginners (unless booked as a personal tuition session). 

A tripod is essential for these sessions and can be hired on request. Cost of hiring a tripod is £15.00

For workshops that will involve access to the Thames foreshore at low tide it is advisable to wear sturdy footwear as it can be muddy and there are big rocks and broken clay and pottery all along the foreshore.

New Night Photography Workshop Dates:

If there are no dates listed in the calendar, please use the contact form below to get in touch and arrange a suitable date.

Workshop Details

Cost is £95.00 per person

Payment must be made in full in advance.

Group sizes are limited to a maximum of 5

Start time: Dependent on sunset times throughout the year. Details will be confirmed on request

Duration: 2 hours

Click below to book your place or for further information, please use the form below.

Meet on the Thames footpath at the Southern end of the Millennium Bridge.

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