Shooting Video for the first time...

For a long time now I've been thinking I should learn to video. Like so many things, it's always on the list of things I ought to do, yet there always seem to be obstacles in my path, either real or imagined which prevent me from taking the necessary steps. Moving images require a whole new set of skills to learn, and that means investing time (and money) in learning them. In itself that's not a problem, but combined with the inevitable demands on kit investment and the difficulties in balancing the existing work/life/money situation, it's always something that seems to get pushed onto the back burner and I promise myself that I'll do it one day.

While the pressures of finding the time and money to invest in developing the necessary skillset are still very real and present, I recently found myself pushed in to a situation where I had to jump in and either sink or swim!

My brother Chris, a very talented musician/songwriter/producer called me up a couple of months ago asking if I knew anyone who could do some filming for him for a short promotional video he wanted to put together of his band, Da Lata. He'd been let down and needed someone at short notice to step in and do some filming. Not knowing anyone who'd be able to fill in with only two hours notice I decided to bite the bullet and offered to do it myself. I figured that as a photographer I already have an idea of framing and composition and with a rudimentary understanding of the basics of shooting video on my Nikon D800 I figured I'd be able to provide an acceptable service which could be edited to create a reasonable video.

So here it is, with thanks to the talented Tian Xu for editing.


Preto Food Shoot

Food Photography on Location

This is a series of images from a food shoot I recently did with London digital creative agency Kota Creative for Brazilian Restaurant chain Preto. It was a two day shoot on location at Preto's newly opened venue in Camden, North London. The first day was spent shooting food which was prepared and styled by the kitchen staff on location. The second day was all about the pickups and lifestyle images, shots that would capture some of the details and the atmosphere of the restaurant. All the images were shot for the new website and re-brand that Kota had designed for them.

With all food and product shoots it's important to provide options for re-touching in case decisions are made to change certain elements within the composition so I always shoot the same composition several times, removing individual elements one or two at a time. As I was reviewing the images for this particular shot with the creative director on location, they created a kind of stop frame animation effect, so I thought it would be a bit of fun to create this time-lapse. Of course, the accompanying music had to be Brazilian so I've used an un-released piece written and recorded by the super talented Chris Franck and Da Lata

To see more images from the shoot, both food and lifestyle, as well as the web design by Kota, visit the Preto website.